• Please pray for Cheryl who is in need of housing. She can do regular housing, senior housing and would even be content with a room to rent. Pleas pray that she continues to trust the Lord to meet her needs.

  • Please pray for Grace. Ask that the Lord will grant her supernatural peace. She was sexually assaulted a few months ago. The trial date keeps changing and she going through this mostly alone. Her family is out of state and she is new to Boise. Pray for peace, comfort wisdom and a deep awareness of the Lord’s presence in her life.  

  • Please pray for Hector and his sweet family. They recently experienced a very tragic, traumatic event. While Hector was at work, their home was invaded, his wife Chelsea and mother-in-law Julie were both stabbed and are hospitalized, and his infant nephew was orphaned. His daughters, ages one and three were exposed to some horrific violence. Please pray that this family will turn to Jesus to be their strength in the midst of this crisis. Ask that the injured heal quickly and completely, that the baby is well cared for, that the children are not permanently traumatized. Pray too for a place they can rent for a few months (while their home undergoes restoration.) It must be large enough to accommodate all of them. Pray that they will know the strength and quiet confidence, only the Lord Jesus can bring. Pray that He will help them return to that home when it is ready. Praise Him for His provision, protection and perfect timing. 

  • Please pray for the Lord to convict Pat of her need for an ever-deeper knowledge of Jesus and relationship with Him. Pray that Christians will surround her and that she will hunger to be Spirit-filled.

  • Please pray for Brad, a young man who needs a transplant.