• Stacy is currently in a living situation that includes a lot of verbal abuse and is generally unhealthy. Please pray that she will look to Jesus and that God will provide a new home for her. Here is her number if you hear of anyone who can help her.

  • Please pray for Thomas. Ask that God will help him stay close to His Savior and away from addictions.

  • Please pray for Emilie who made a decision to follow Christ on Easter. Pray that she grows mightily in the faith and also that the Lord comforts her as she mourns the death of her best friend.

 The following area anonymous requests:

  • Pray for the unborn. Ask God to change the hearts and minds of mothers who are contemplating abortion. Pray that we as a culture will value children and ensure that they are cared for and loved.

  • Pray for our home fellowships to flourish. Pray that strong and lasting friendships are formed as people encourage and support one another and mature together in the Christian life. 

  • Pray against the spirit of suicide that is decimating our society. Pray that people will understand that we are made in God’s image and every single person is precious so Him.