• Cami injured her back and is currently unable to work.  Pray for her surgery on April 18th.  Also pray for her to stay strong in the Lord and for her to know and experience the joy of the Lord that will strengthen her in the face of these trials.

  • Please pray for Nicholas and Edith who are going to court today for undisclosed reasons. They ask that we pray God will give them victory.

  • Pray for all the prayer warriors to continue to pray for one another every day. Also pray for the pastors (even to the point of fasting). Prayer warriors are like Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of Moses. We must not give the enemy any ground.

  • Please pray for the Children’s and Hospitality Ministries to be able to provide excellent service this weekend. There is still a need for volunteers at every service. Pray that people will have an easy time signing up to serve by going to the website. Pray too for volunteers to help with the kids on Wednesday night.  There is no AWANAs but we still have a mid-week service and the need for childcare.  Pray that all involved in these ministries will rest in Christ and trust that He will call the right people and that they will obey His voice.

  • Pray for Lacey a woman with many needs. She’s experienced many life difficulties since moving to the northwest 11 years ago and would now like to move to Illinois to live with her sister. She has no resources to make that happen. Right now she is staying at City Light but is praying for a bus ticket to Illinois.  It costs more than $200. She does not have a phone and her foot is injured and so she has a hard time getting around. Please pray that the Lord will reveal His perfect plan and meet her financial needs as she waits on Him. Mostly pray for her to know the joy and comfort of the Lord Jesus. Pray that she will sense His presence and know that He is her friend and Savior. She has experienced a great deal of trauma in her life and is very discouraged.

  • Please pray for Stephan, a man who has had many health challenges over the past few months. He has a degenerative disease that will eventually claim his life. Even though his dad was a pastor and his daughter serves the Lord with great passion he is still resistant to Jesus.  Pray that this will be the season he dedicates his life to the Lord and allows Him to be his Lord and Savior.