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  • Pray for me to be accepted into an assisted living home to help with some of my medical issues. 

  • Pray for a young woman who is in the middle of a devastating divorce and responding by seeking comfort in the ways of the world. Pray that she will remember that Jesus has the best possible plan for her life and turn to him in her pain.

  • Please pray that Joe will be able to have a closer relationship with God, and also that he will be able to purchase a home.

  • Pray for Michelle’s uncle Jimmy. He just got laid off. Pray that the Lord will find him a new job. Also ask the Lord to build a strong relationship between Jimmy and Michelle’s father. They have not been in touch for months.

  • Newlyweds Greg and Sarah just separated. Pray they will reconcile. Ask that they will allow Jesus to be the center of their lives, and the focus of their marriage. Pray that they will glorify God with their lives.

  • Pray for the salvation of Bob and Susan. Pray for Susan’s upcoming knee surgery to be everything God has ordained it to be.