• Pray for Ruth Schroeder as she continues to look for a better housing situation.  Pray for more peace and more joy through Christ

  • Pray for Ryan and Tony. Ask that they will find their hope and help in Jesus and that the Lord will get them through their unresolved legal issues. 

  • Please pray for Jonny Kent.  He suffered a blood clot in his brain.  Has undergone surgery and is now in a coma.  Please pray he pulls through for his new family and brand new baby.

  • Praise God that Melanie came to a church service and met some people and prayed with them.  Pray for her to be encouraged as she moves forward in faith and tries to let go of anxiety.

  • Please pray for Joe who was admitted to the ICU for an alcohol-induced seizure.  This is the second one he’s had in two years. He has liver, heart and brain problems. His family is desperately begging for help to get him to stop drinking. Please pray that the Lord intervenes and touches his heart and mind as He heals Joe’s body.

  • Please pray for God to intervene with a family that lives in the downstairs portion of a Christian couple’s home. Pray for peace and good fellowship.