•  Please pray for the lost to find Jesus and feel His deep love for them. Pray, too for the broken and hurting to keep their focus on Jesus, not on their circumstances.

  • Simone asks that we please pray that she has help remembering languages and that God gives her the ability to write and spell amazingly well. Pray that she is equipped with God’s love as she ministers to others. 

  • Please pray for Desire. She lost her youngest son last year and is having panic attacks. She is reaching out for help in support groups. Pray that Jesus sets a divine appointment with her and her husband and that He would counsel them and set them free. Pray that they might grow deeper in their relationship with God as a result of this hard time. 

  • Please pray for the upcoming Good Friday and Easter services to glorify the Lord in every way. 

  • Please pray for Shirley who has cancer. Pray that she will be completely healed to the glory of God!

  • Please pray for Lori’s dad who has for prostate cancer and for Lori who is in California helping care for him. Pray that the Lord will be glorified in all their interactions.