• Please pray for a woman and her 18-year-old son who is on juvenile probation because of past infractions. He is drinking and using drugs and has been letting people in their house at night when she is sleeping. She’s confronted him and because he is unwilling to respect their house rules, she has asked him to sleep somewhere else until they resolve it. She’s looking for a halfway house or transitional housing. Please pray that God would break through and transform his young man’s life. Pray for his mom to have an abundance of wisdom and strength. Her husband has dementia and ALS and she is his primary care give. She also has a daughter still living at home. Pray for God’s will to prevail.
  • Nate asks that we pray for his father’s salvation.
  • Please pray for Karen, a member of our church family, who is in desperate need of help with a major plumbing issue. It has been going on for weeks now, but has taken a devastating turn recently. Water building up in her home is starting to cause mold and mildew which in turn is causing the air quality in her home to cause her health issues. She has been sick for the last few days. She’s called numerous places and resources and no one is willing to help without charging a lot of money that she doesn’t have. At the very least she hopes that she may be able to find a way to get a hotel for a little while until the issue in her home can be fixed. If anyone has any resources/expertise or any other way you might be able to help, please contact Karen at 208-323-4234. In the meantime please pray.
  • Praise God with Angela and thank Him for answering so many prayers in her life and the lives of her friends and family. It’s really growing her faith and her ability to trust Him more and more. Last summer she thought her husband of 13 years would divorce her because of her faith and love for Jesus. She persevered in her faith and in November her husband bought his first Bible and is reading it. As a family they are using the Read Scripture app to learn more about God’s Word.  She is praising God to see her husband’s heart change in such a miraculous and amazing way.
  • Please pray for Shannon who is expecting her first child and is very fearful. She is a believer. Pray she will allow her faith and confidence in the Lord to be her refuge and strength. Pray she will look to God for wisdom when she questions her ability to be a parent.
  • Please pray for Bette who took a nasty fall and wound up having emergency hip replacement surgery yesterday. Pray that she will heal quickly and thoroughly. Pray for her husband to be able to cover all that she does. Pray that they will both be such a testimony to God’s goodness that they will cause others to see God and glorify Him during this challenging time.