• Please pray for Pastor Rhett’s mom, Cheri, who was taken to the ER in California Wednesday. She had been throwing up for several days and was diagnosed with pancreatitis and high blood pressure. She has anxiety about being in the hospital but her body is in bad shape and so she cannot leave yet.

  • Also continue to pray for Rhett’s mother-in-law Dolores. She is still at the ICU. Pray for strength, encouragement, and perseverance. Pray for our family to remain hopeful in God. Pray for Dolores’ husband Luis who has to fly out on Sunday and be gone for a week for work.

  • Please pray for Zona and Cathy who are leading a Good News Club. They will host a Good News Club Treasure Hunt at Zona’s house tomorrow and are praying that many neighborhood children attend and accept the Lord.

  • Please pray for Kate, a widow with four children, who has recently sold her house and needs a place to live until May 4. She has to move by March 27. She has completed all the paperwork for her new home but can’t get in any sooner than the May 4th date. They also have a dog. Pray for God’s perfect provision.

  • Please pray for Pastor Trevor who injured his back and hip last Sunday. He is in constant pain and is having great difficulty getting around. Pray for his complete and speedy healing.  

  • Cynthia asks that we pray for her nephew Tyler who had a home grease fire and has suffered third degree burns.He doesn’t know the Lord YET.  May God use this to draw him near.

  • Please pray for Julie, a single mom with two kids and a dog who is living in a motel and is out of funds. Please pray that she will find a place to stay until she can get assistance from the Boise CATCH program.