• An anonymous person asks that we  “Please pray for my niece who lost her job last week.  She is a single mom who needs income.”

  • Please continue to pray for Derick who is alone in Tulsa being treated for a brain glioblastoma. Pray for a miracle. Also pray for his 17-year-old son, Justin, who is a senior in high school and who has missed so much school because of his dad’s condition he is now at risk of not being able to graduate. Please pray that the school will have mercy and forgive his absences. Pray that he will be able to get caught up on his work. Pray mostly that a Christian man will step in to mentor him.

  • Please pray for Melanie’s situation at work. It has placed a huge burden on her heart. 

  • Please continue to pray for Steve who is still trying to recover from a serious stroke. He is hospitalized again—this time with two large hematomas on the brain. Doctors operated yesterday and surgery went well. Please pray for his recovery and also for the financial strain that his care is causing his wife.  

  • Please pray for Cyndi. She is headed to Portland, Oregon next week for a complicated oral surgery that no one in Boise is qualified to perform. It requires some major work on her jaw and one of the possible complications is facial paralysis. Please ask God to give her comfort, bold confidence and supernatural faith in Him and His perfect plan for her life. She is a little nervous about the possibility of facial disfigurement. Pray that she will sense the presence of the Lord every second during this rare surgical procedure and its aftermath. Pray that she will heal quickly and totally and that her testimony will inspire many to God’s glory and for the good of His kingdom. The surgery takes place Wednesday at 7 in the morning. 

  • Please pray for Kitty. Her cancer has returned and is now leukemia. She needs to know the Lord. Pray that her circumstances will cause her to seek Him.

  • Praise God for my job of 39 years, thank Him for all His benefits to us including paid vacations.