Let Your work appear to Your servants, and Your glory to their children  -Psalm 90: 16.

Our relationship with God is a blessing to our lives. When we share the good things He has done and tell others about our faith in what He will do, we bless their lives as well. This is especially true when it comes to kids and teens. It's good to tell them Bible stories; it's better still to tell them our stories of past answered prayers and how they shape our hope for the future. Reveal God's glory to the children in your lives and you'll build a legacy in the Lord 




  • Pray for our lead pastor, Tucker Maile, that he will have rich fellowship with the Lord. Pray for his wife during her pregnancy, and especially for her ability to balance all the things she has going at home, while being pregnant.  Pray for our worship pastor Noah Beumer and his family including their new baby girl.  Pray that God would continue to lead Noah in the development of worship teams and choosing music that helps people to truly worship in truth without distraction.



  • We have a huge praise report. For many years Raechael Barber Garduno who ministers with her husband in Semilla de mostaza, Santa Montica,  Mexico has prayed for her mom’s salvation. She asks us to glorify God with her because he mother has accepted the Lord and Raechael is overwhelmed with joy. Keep praying that God would do an amazing work in her life and would continue to reveal himself to her every day.



  • Many of you know our Church Office Manager Jessica Nalley. She asks us to fervently pray for her sister-in-law Angela and brother Joel. Angela was diagnosed with a recurrence of cervical cancer this week. The couple married last September and are devastated by the news. Pray that Angela will be healed and also that they will find renewed strength and faith during this hard time.
  • Praise God our No Place Left evangelism team has been witnessing to Ellie, the mom of a severely autistic little boy named Andrew. This week Ellie committed her life to the Lord and wants to be baptized. Pray that the Lord will increase her faith and lead her into his perfect will. Pray too that Andrew will be healed.



  •  Pray for Michelle and her husband who recently purchased 30 acres near Boise where they plan to live and also operate a small horse boarding  and equine therapy facility. They want to help kids and families struggling to find healing and hope but there have been numerous obstacles including loan issues and problems with the land. Please pray that God will provide all the resources so they can proceed. Ask too that He continues to build their faith along the way.


  • Please pray for Brandi who was just diagnosed with cancer and will be going into surgery before deciding if radiation is needed.  She needs God’s strength and healing for this and also for a digestive disease.