• Please pray for a young woman who just had her second miscarriage. Please pray specifically that she won’t require surgery on Monday.  Her husband is in the Air Force and they are stationed out of the country right now. It is really hard for everyone to be so far apart as we grieve this loss. 

  • Please pray for Elaine. She moved to Ajijic, Mexico 4 months ago and is having difficulty finding a church. There are few English-speaking churches there and the ones that are, are Catholic. And since she hasn’t learned to speak Spanish yet she would love your prayers in finding an English-speaking church. She wants to find a church to fellowship and connect with the people in her area. She’s been streaming sermons from her church in the states, but she’s missing her Christian family. Please also pray for her 94 year old Mum who lives in the UK and underwent surgery a couple of weeks ago for a blood clot between her brain and skull that she acquired from a fall. She is recovering relatively well considering her age, but is missing her flat and all her friends and wants to return. However, the doctor/physical therapist have not discharged her as she isn't fully mobile and still has some confusion. Pray she will recover quickly and thoroughly.

  • Please pray for Colin. He is severely  depressed.  He does not have a relationship with Christ and does not see a  reason to go on living.  Please intercede for his life. Please pray that those who love him will know how to intervene. Pray that God gives him an abundance of Christian connections and evidences of His great love.

  • Please pray for every aspect of this weekend’s worship services to glorify God and nothing else.

  • Craig and Angie have been going through a hard time over the past few years with their teenage daughter, Emily who has had many issues—claiming to be trans-gender, extreme depression and even threats of suicide. Things have now gotten very strange and intense and Craig is worried that his daughter might be demon possessed. New voices come out of Emily’s mouth and it has become a really scary situation. Please pray for this family during this long trial and that God would be revealed to Emily and that she would be rescued from this battle.

  • Please pray for 14-year-old Elissa who has been cutting herself. She started doing this at the urging of her friend Bailey. Pray that they will both allow the Lord into their hearts and will be healed from whatever is causing this behavior. Pray for her mom to know what to do. The school made the parents aware of the issue. Pray that they will have wisdom to intervene in the best possible way.