• An anonymous parent asks that we pray for daughters, Danielle, who is 32 and living with MS, and Laina, age12 who lives in California. Pray that they both know the saving grace of God and His love.

  • An anonymous person asks that we please pray for a very special lady, Patty, who is a strong believer and her son. She is hospitalized in SC with severe pneumonia and elevated blood pressure. 

  • Rachael Gerber asks that we pray for a miracle for her father-in-law Lindsay and mother-in-law Joy. Lindsay’s body is very fragile. Cancer has spread to his bones and he has a high tumor burden along with a blood issue that is causing his body to not produce platelets. They and their family are all trusting in the Lord, but their hearts ache. Pray for peace and comfort.  

  • Please pray for Smail.  He is very sick and in hospital. 

  • Please pray for the Grant family. Amber and Jason returned from their very brief getaway to find Matty ill with pneumonia. He was placed in ICU on Tuesday. Please pray for the family to have peace, comfort and an abundance of God’s strength. Pray for doctors to have wisdom and for Matty’s healing.   

  • Please pray for Tim. He is only 28 years old and is suffering from prostrate trouble and also unexplained and intense pain on his left side. Pray that doctors will discover the cause of his problem and be able to treat it. Pray that as he seeks the Lord in this difficult time, God’s plan for his life will be clearly revealed.

  • Please pray for Mark. He has been working a full-time job for the past 30 years and also operates a retail business. Four years ago things became difficult. Six months ago he lost his manager and things went from bad to worse. He works all the time just to keep the doors open. Please pray that God will clearly reveal his will for Mark and his family. He is at the point where he just wants to give up.  The stress feels like it is more than he can take.