• Pray for Anna Rose.  She is currently homeless and dealing with a lot of health and emotional issues.  Pray for God’s strength and healing.

  • Please pray for Isabelle she has Lyme’s Disease after being bitten by a tick. She knows the Lord, pray that she will rely on Him to help her deal with the joint pain she experiences as a result of her condition.

  • Pray for Ruth to have God’s wisdom as she seeks the Lord to help her move forward in her life and with her housing needs. 

  • Pray for Kailyn and Makenna who both struggle with diabetes. Pray that they will be healed. 

  • Please pray for Paula.  She has to have a “I Corinthians 5:9-13” conversation with an elderly neighbor who is “living in sin.” Pray that she has great wisdom in knowing how to approach the subject. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the way, appoint the time and give her the exact words to say. Pray that this uncomfortable situation will bear great fruit and that all parties involved will grow in their relationships with the Lord as a result.

  •  Please pray for an anonymous family that is living in fear. The sons have major behavioral issues and nearly got the family evicted. The landlord may not renew the lease because of this and they have nowhere else to go. Pray that they will know the truth of God’s goodness and provision.