PRAISE REPORT! Alyssa Hohler’s dad was released from the hospital yesterday. You may recall that he became very ill last week and was not expected to survive. We praise God for answering our prayers for his physical healing. His kidneys are functioning normally. His liver is still compromised but the doctors believe that dietary modifications will be able to address that. And he is making good progress recovering from his stroke. Please continue to pray that his physical healing reflects deep spiritual growth.

  • Please pray for Tom Mooney’s cousin Larry Potter, a pastor in Pennsylvania who had a massive heart attack. Seventy percent of his heart is currently not viable. He is now in Atlanta for heart surgery. Ask that God will be glorified in Larry’s life.  

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray for her sister who is having surgery tomorrow.

  • Please pray for Angela. She is under serious spiritual attack. Her work involves educating people about child predators, and providing intervention. It is very difficult and it is easy for her to fall into fear for her family and especially her children. Please pray for her protection and also that she is able to “cast all her cares” upon Jesus.

  • Please pray for Iesha, our Thrift Store manager who had shoulder surgery last week. Pray that she will heal quickly and use this down time to draw closer to the Lord.

  • Thelma asks that we pray for her sister Betty. She is in her 80's and has a UTI that has become septic.  Pray for her complete healing and that she will draw closer to Jesus as she goes through this process.

  • Please continue to pray for Derick who is in Tulsa receiving chemo and radiation following the removal of a brain tumor in January. The prognosis with his stage IV cancer is very poor. However because of his youth, strength and God's grace, he is doing very well. Monday he met his oncologist to discuss whether he has a certain gene that will enable him to start fighting this deadly cancer with additional chemo in a clinical trial. Not everyone is eligible to receive this treatment. Please pray that Derick has this certain gene and will start the medication. Derick is a single dad of a teenager. He has only been home in Boise two weeks in all of 2018. If he continues to tolerate these extreme treatments, he can come home the first week of April where he will continue with chemo for a year. Please pray he can come home soon and pursue treatment here so he can spend time with his son.