• Pray that all believers will be more determined to follow Jesus in mind, body and spirit and that they will unite as family and friends in God’s Kingdom.

  • Please continue to pray for Henry who heads up the Send Hope outreach in Northern India, specifically Varanasi.  He met with government officials last week and they are planning to do a site visit very soon.  Pray that all will go well and that Henry and the other believers will be able to continue to spread the Gospel in this very dark place.  

  • Pray for all those who are jobless and/or homeless.  Pray for salvation in our neighborhoods.  Pray that God makes us bold to live out the Gospel of love.

  • Please continue to pray for Dan and Julie O’Brien as they deal with the loss of their 19-year-old son Jeffrey. Praise God for the strength and hope they have evidenced so far and the incredible witness they have been of God’s provision and love in times of grief. Pray that they will continue to lean on the everlasting arms of Christ.

  • Please pray that the Lord will bless Veronica’s family. She is not following Jesus at this time and her children are not being taught about Him. Her husband is willing to go to church with her but Veronica is very resistant. She accepted the Lord when she was a little girl. Pray that she will remember that commitment and rededicate her life to Him. Pray for her Christian mom, who is interceding on her behalf, to remain strong and confident, believing that God is on the move I Veronica’s life.

  • Please pray for Courtney. She recently had surgery on her stomach and in the course of that procedure, the surgeon found some alarming spots and discoloration on her liver. She is being sent to a specialist for more testing and is fearful. Please pray that the Lord will calm her anxious heart and give her confidence that He is always in control.  Pray that her faith in Him continues to grow through this experience.