• An anonymous person needs prayer for his or her entire family. “My family needs more of God, especially Reuben, Melissa, Christina, Jeremy and me.

  • Please pray for my brother Reuben that the Lord reaches him through me. Pray that I will be the one who will bring him to Christ.  He knows the Lord through Mormonism, but not through anything else.  He is very selfish and stubborn. He is so stuck in his own ways it’s hard to get through.

    • Please pray for my sister Christina.  She also needs God in her life.  For God to open her eyes to the sin she is committing.  Pray that God protect my sister and all 5 kids.   

    • Please pray for my sister Melissa.  She is mourning the deaths of my mother and grandmother.  They passed away 2 years ago.  Melissa and Reuben have taken it really hard and have had suicidal thoughts.  Please pray for my sister’s dog that was attacked. 

  • Natalia asks that we pray for her friend who escaped an abusive marriage only to be shunned by her legalistic church. She is devastated. Her children are also negatively affected—especially her 21-year-old son who was just admitted to a mental health facility. Please pray that this woman will not lose hope in Jesus. Pray that she will draw closer to Him and will not view the actions of sinful people as reflections of God’s heart toward her. Pray for Natalia as she tries to reach out to this woman with the truth of who she is in Christ.

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray “for God to give me wisdom on what to do for work and to give me direction and also to give me wisdom on what to do with my relationship with Jordan.” 

  • Praise God!  The Grants are enjoying themselves in San Diego.  Thank you for all your prayers.



Colleen Maile,

Prayer Coordinator