• Pray for Desi who moved from the area to take care of her ill father-in-law.  Please pray for the whole situation. He seems to be just waiting to die. Pray that his walk with Jesus is strong before he sees Him face to face.

  • Please pray for Delia to regain custody of her daughters.  Please pray that the girls are placed in God’s hands and that he orchestrates what is best for them. God knows if Delia is not ready. It seems that things have not changed and that her life is still the same. Her mother asks that we pray that she comes to a deep and abiding faith in Jesus and that she is led only by the Lord.

  •  ·An anonymous person asks that we please pray. “My daughter does not attend church any longer.  She believes herself to be gay because she is surrounded by “friends” who are gay and she freely accepts their way of life.  She no longer is joyful.  She used to have a heart for God but now has stopped seeking God. Now she has anxiety, physical symptoms of heart palpitations. She has jumped out of God’s hands.  Please pray for her and also for us to know how to help her.” 

  • Pray that Kahlia finds the Lord. Pray that He will truly be her Lord and Savior and that she will surrender all her needs to Him. Pray that He will provide all that she and her babies need.  

  • ·Please pray for Matthew.  He needs wisdom and direction on what to do for his career.  He is very discouraged in this season of life. 

  • Please pray for James and his household. Ask for God to draw them closer to Him.