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  • Pray for Danny and Cassandra. Ask that God would open the floodgates of communication between them. Pray that God would bless their relationship and their father-daughter reunion.

  • Please pray for the Grant family. As most of you know, they have two sons who have significant challenges. Luke is autistic and Matty has cerebral palsy as well as many other physical difficulties. The parents, Amber and Jason, have been planning a getaway to San Diego for some time. They are supposed to leave tomorrow. It takes a lot of coordination for them to leave the boys. Things are now complicated because the entire family is recovering from the flu.  Today, they must decide if the trip will occur.  Please pray that everyone will be completely healed and that the parents can have this much needed break.

  •   Please continue to pray God’s blessings on Derick who in being treated for brain cancer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even though he is all alone, pray that he knows God is near. Pray that he is well cared for as he undergoes these treatments.

 The following are anonymous requests:

  •  Please pray for me and the rest of the ICU team at St. Alphonsus Hospital. Pray that the Lord will keep us well and resilient so we can be strong for our patients.

  • Please pray that the praise and worship music I create and record will be blessed by God. I need the Lord to help in whatever I do as I start school.  I want the Lord to help me understand everything that I am taught in my classes. I want to be successful in my life especially in my talent of singing. I will be grateful if the Lord answers my requests.

  • Please pray for my brother-in-law. He has cancer on his liver and in his gallbladder. He will find out the results of his biopsy today. Then, the doctors will determine where the cancer started so they can develop a treatment plan.  

  • Pray for all rescue mission ministries to have all that they need to be effective in sharing the Gospel with the lost. Pray for hope ministries and all those who are sick.