Friday, June 23, 2017



“I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”-Psalm 40:1

There is great progress is patience. If we are wise, waiting for God can cause us to learn more about our Master and Maker and His own infinite patience with us. Patiently persevering is always a path to spiritual growth. Embrace it!



  • Please pray for Cheri. She needs help around her house and also prayer for provision.  Right now she is physically and emotionally drained.


  • Please pray that Rick will accept Jesus. He is very ill and expected to pass away very soon. He is the last surviving child of his 92-year-old mother. She is a godly woman who has endured great heartbreak and is concerned that even though he was raised in a Christian home he has never asked Jesus to be his savior.  Pray that he will make that commitment to the Lord before he dies.


  • Please pray for Aliyana. She is an infant born into an abusive situation. Please pray for God's intervention and either a transformed home or a home that will receive her with love. 


  • Please pray for a 20-year-old Christian woman who is unmarried and pregnant. She knows that she is loved by her family and her Lord but she needs prayer for great wisdom as to what to do next. Her relationship with the child’s father and his family is not healthy and she is struggling with what to do. Pray for wisdom and her protection as well as spiritual growth.


  • Pray for a family whose adopted son is struggling with many issues including attachment disorder. Pray that his parents would have wisdom and strength as they strive to help him navigate high school. Ask that his life would be a testimony to God’s healing touch.


  • Brent and Hope Harrell, our missionaries to Rome, and their family, will be visiting Boise from July 15th through August 14th. Pray that they will have a home during that time that is suitable for a family of five.  They also need a car during that time. Thank God in advance for the way He will answer this request.