Join us for our Weekend Gathering Online starting at 9:15AM on Sundays. (Click here to read our COVID-19 updates.)



  • An anonymous person asks that we join in praising God for His many blessings and also that we pray His will to be done in the lives of Brian, Lincoln and Betty.

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray for healing in every area of life—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • Pray for Rod who is going to Oregon to do a Spartan race with his daughter. Pray for a bonding time and that they would both draw closer to Jesus. Pray for the healing of his wife’s left hand.

  • Please pray for Maribel to soften her heart and hear God’s voice. Pray that the Lord intervenes in her life so that she may stop being so lost and angry and thinking all are against her.  Pray that she may reach out to Jesus and know that He is all she needs. Also pray that her grandmother, who is a Christian, will know how to hear her and love her no matter what. Pray for God to pour out His love and mercy on her grandmother. Pray that God’s Word will break Maribel’s hard heart.  

  • Please pray for John who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Pray that he will draw close to the Lord and trust that the Lord’s will for his life is perfect. 

  • ·An anonymous person asks that we join in praying for “my recovery from meth addiction and women’s health issues.” Also join her in thanking God for all the blessings He has already poured out in her life.

Praise Update:  We have been praying for Alyssa Hohler’s dad who was having a very bad time of it in the ICU earlier this week. God has chosen to answer our prayers for healing. Her dad was moved out of ICU yesterday. Doctors think his kidneys have an 80% chance of recovering and they say that he will be able to live with an impaired liver. Continue to pray that he acknowledges God’s goodness to him and that the physical healing is accompanied by a spiritual transformation. Pray that he draws very close to Jesus.