• Please pray for a young couple with a toddler whose house burned down last week in Idaho City.  They are in need of housing.  Pray that God will Glorify His name in how He provides for this family.

  • Please pray for Aubrey's sister who is in the middle of a custody battle and is making poor choices.  Pray that she would listen to the wisdom of God and act in His power to follow the direction He gives her. Pray that God be glorified in her life and the lives of her children.

  • Pray for a young woman who is going through a very unpleasant divorce and is looking to the world for satisfaction. Pray that she will come to the realization that there is no fulfillment outside the life and love of Jesus. Pray she will rededicate her life to the Lord and allow Him to heal her.

  • Pray for a very affluent couple that has used their ample means to support a dangerous drug addiction. They recently had an infant boy, Ethan, who is in baby rehab. They start therapy this week.  Ethan’s grandma, a believer, is traveling to be with the family. Pray that God gives her wisdom and strength to know how to point them to Jesus. Pray that Ethan’s parents come to the end of themselves and decide to accept the Lord and allow Him to help them.

  •  Please pray for Joan’s friend Susan who is having another scan to see if her cancer has improved. The results will determine if she needs more chemo. Pray that she will rely on God for this decision and draw closer to Him as she learns to trust Him more.

  • Please pray for Sally whose thyroid cancer has spread to the muscle.  She will begin a very intensive form of treatment that will keep her basically isolated for weeks. Pray that she will draw near to Jesus during this time and that she will devote the remainder of her life to serving Him alone. 

  • Please continue to pray for Alyssa Hohler’s dad.  She and her sister are in Bakersfield with him now and he is improving.  They praise God and thank you for your prayers. He is still experiencing liver problems and is on CPAP to help him breath. He is alert and talking. Pray that the Lord keeps healing him physically and spiritually. Ask that the physical healing will be an outward manifestation of an inward change.

  • Please pray for Steve who is in ICU with sepsis, and fluid on his brain as well as a serious infection. As soon as the infection is resolved they will be able to drill to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure on the brain. Please pray that they are able to do that soon. Pray for his wife Terri. She loves the Lord and is looking to Him to meet all her needs. She is a faithful reflection of God’s love for the world. May her testimony of faith and strength in the Lord be a blessing to all who treat Steve.