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  • Please pray for a mom to be delivered from the demonic Spirit of disbelief.  She says she is an atheist. Her children have learned about the Lord from kids at school and have made the decision to follow Jesus. Their home life is very hard as a result. Pray that the Lord breaks this demonic spirit and saves the mother and her husband. Ask that the Lord will also strengthen the children’s faith and that they will know that He is caring for them in all circumstances.

  • Please pray for Daniel’s complete healing.

  • Pray for unity among believers especially those involved in ministry. Pray that their love of Christ will overcome any pride or self-exultation.

  • Pray for all lost, or wandering family and friends to find Jesus and feel His peace and love.

  • Pray for all who are grieving to come to Jesus for peace and salvation.

  • Please pray for our worship services today. Pray for the worship to be humble, Spirit-filled and inspiring. Pray for the message to touch hearts in unexpected ways. Pray for everyone to grow closer to Jesus.