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  • An anonymous person asks us to pray that “God’s healing hands are on me,  to work a miracle for me.”

  • Adam asks that we pray for his nephew Chad who’s being bullied so severely his mom has taken him out of school.

  • Please pray for Chuck’s mother-in-law and Brian’s sister-in-law who were both diagnosed with stage-IV pancreatic cancer. 

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray for every single soul who has ever lost a child, a spouse or a loved one. Pray that they have the comfort of knowing they are not alone. God is with them. If they are bearing any guilt or remorse about their lost loved one, please pray that they will know the truth of God’s love and forgiveness and that they will be able to forgive themselves as Christ forgives.

  •  Kelly is asking for prayer for her and her daughter Kaylee – for healing and for God’s provision. Please ask that He would care for them as only He can.

  • An anonymous couple asks that we please pray that the Lord will soften their son-in-law’s heart. Ask that he would surrender to his need for salvation before he abandons his marriage and the family becomes another divorce statistic. They have three children and another one on the way. Please pray fervently for the Lord to intervene in this home.