• Please continue to pray for Derick who had the first of 33 radiation sessions at Cancer Treatment Centers in Tulsa this week.  He is alone in Tulsa for the next eight weeks and his family is very concerned about him receiving proper care and assistance as he struggles with the effects of radiation. They are still trusting God tor reach down and heal Derick at any time and are thankful for the comfort they receive because of your prayers.

  • Please also pray for Justin, Derick’s 17-year-old son who is getting over the flu and has a lot of catching up to do regarding his school. Pray the Lord’s comfort and direction for Him.

  • Please pray for Vicki’s youngest son who is great need of a reliable car. He has been given a job opportunity that will require him to travel a lot— and sometimes even out of state. He has been without work for a bit, so money and credit are insufficient at this time. He is to leave for Spokane and then Indianapolis for five months to work with a team there. He needs a car to do this job. So they need a miracle.

  • Rachel Gerber, our Children’s Ministry Assistant, asks that we please pray for her father-in-law Lindsay. He went into the ER yesterday due to some serious symptoms and was admitted to the hospital.  His platelet count is low, due to blood loss and they think he has an obstruction in his left kidney. He had a bone scan and a CT scan of his kidney yesterday. So, far the family has been told that there is definitely cancer outside the prostate. Please pray for him and his wife Joy. They both love the Lord and are trusting Him.

  • Please pray that God reaches James and softens his heart.  James is becoming more resistant to receiving any help or guidance.  Please pray for him and his household.

  • Pray for the Simpson family.  They lost their mom Flossie, age 92, Sunday morning.  Ask for the Lord to overwhelm them with comfort and joy.