• Please pray for Greg who is starting a new job and suffering a great deal of anxiety as a result. 
  • Please keep praying for Sarah who is in Guatemala.  Please pray for team unity and deeper relationships between her teammates. An anonymous person asks that we will “please pray for our preparation to see her on February 26.  Pray for God to prepare our hearts to do ministry with her.”
  • Pray for Noel to hold fast and stay strong in the Lord. 
  • Pray for Gary to open his heart to Christ and accept all that the Lord has for him. 
  • An anonymous person prays that the Lord will please help “Grandpa to not be alone and for him to work things out with grandma by God’s grace and for His glory.
  • Pray for Kristene who is starting a new job. Ask that God gives her good favor and that she will glorify Him in all she does. 
  • Adam asks that we please pray for his wife Andrea. She has an ear infection and is having difficulty hearing out of that ear. Pray that the Lord will heal her to His glory.