Thursday, June 22, 2017


Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses. – Psalm 107: 6.

Deep distress remain a constant human experience. Our God's provision is just as invariable. He is always able to rescue us and also use our pain and sorrow for our benefit. Today, be confident. God already knows the end of all these stories, and the end of all your stories. As long as we stay close to Him we can be assured of a good conclusion.



  • Please pray for Dr. John Montgomery the new principal  of Calvary Christian School. His brother-in-law passed away in an accident this week. Pray that the family is comforted by the love of Jesus during this time of grief.
  • Recently we prayed for Jake’s cousin Dylan who was accompanying his little boy on a life-flight to Seattle. The child had an aneurism but is expected to make a full recovery. Jake asks that we continue to pray that his cousin and extended family will be drawn into God’s Kingdom because of this experience. Ask that there will be a miraculous revolution in this young family.
  • Please pray for Karen who is in debilitating back pain. Doctors say she is  on the road to paralysis, but she believes God will heal her.  She also needs a miracle of provision because she cannot currently work.
  • This is an anonymous request for a woman who is struggling in her marriage. They both claim toknow the Lord, but he's not interested in putting in any effort into the relationship. To her knowledge he has no relationship with Jesus either. Pray that he will come to a deep commitment to the Lord and that everything else will fall into place.
  • Please pray for Tom who is having considerable back pain and is also very busy caring for his elderly mother who has significant health issues. He no longer believes in Jesus. Pray that God will use this circumstance to produce a miraculous healing of both his back and his heart.
  • Pray for Trent who the No Place Left evangelism group witnessed to last week. He was captivated by stories of Jesus . Pray for the follow-up, for signs and wonders in his life to confirm the Word he heard, for surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit and ultimately for His salvation.