Daily Prayer Requests

  • My friend’s mother in law has stage 4 brain cancer. She is facing surgery to (prayerfully) remove it.  Please pray that the Lord would do a miracle in healing her.

  • I am in prayer as to whether or not start medication that could control the speed in which my Parkinson’s Disease progresses. I need wisdom and discernment from God as to whether or not I should do this. 

  • Pray for healing in my grieving heart as I go through a really sad divorce. I pray for guidance and clarity from God on what’s next.  I pray for joy and peace in my heart and my life.

  • Please pray for the protection over a precious 19 year old girl serving as a missionary in Chad right now. Pray for her health and the provision of water to stay hydrated while she learns to acclimate to the intense heat and weather conditions.

  • Pray for the Father Daughter Ball happening tonight. Pray for dads and daughters to connect and that they would be blessed by their time together.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • Prayer for Mitica back’s it has been really bad and he is in a lot of pain.

    • Prayer Adriana’s dad, he had surgery on his lungs last week and is in recovery. He does not know the Lord and we are asking for prayer for his salvation and recovery.

    • Prayer for Sage, our daughter’s hip she injured it somehow and it’s been pretty painful for her. Asking for healing.

    • Prayer also for Brian’s knee, which is injured, praying for continued healing

    • We could use some prayer for our summer English camp. The team that is coming is very small, circumstances out of our control. So we are praying for more local help. We are also praying that if you or anyone you know wants to sponsor a local volunteer or a student to come. We would appreciate it. It is hard asking for volunteers if they have to pay their own way. The cost is $150 for the week. 

    • Also please be praying for some friends of ours from the States who reached out to us asking for prayer. The Lord knows the need.

    • Asking for prayer for possible opportunities that have come up. Asking for the Lord's guidance, open doors, and provision.

    • Pray for Natalie while she is traveling back to the States visiting. Praying that the Lord would go before her and open doors to share about Romania. We are praying for a group of people who have a real heart for Romania and her people to continue to raise awareness of all the continuous needs here.