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  • Today, Christendom celebrates the beginning of the Easter season with the traditional holiday Ash Wednesday. It beckons us to contemplate the greatest love ever given—Christ’s life-giving death and resurrection.  Today also marks the secular holiday of Valentine’s Day, an emotionally charged time for many among us. Let’s pray that all who might experience loss or loneliness today, because of the world’s emphasis on temporary romance, would know the unsurpassed love of the Savior and find contentment in their position in His family as beloved children of the Living God.

  • Please pray for Jacko and Lu. They are an immigrant couple with strong Idaho ties that will be taking the New York bar exam February 27 and 28. They need the Lord to do His wonders.  Pray that they will have good recall for the exam and that God will be glorified in their passing of the test and also in their careers. They are relying on Him to help them. 

  • A mom asks that we please pray for her daughter, Amaya, who grows very fearful at night and has a hard time sleeping. They have been praying, but she is still very afraid. Please pray that God would be real to her and that she would rest confident that He is always with her.

  •  Please pray for Travis. Ask that God would heal him from anxiety and lead and guide him to a small group where he could get plugged in and grow in fellowship and faith.

  • Pray for rescue mission and Twilight Hope ministries. Ask for a great moving of the Holy Spirit in hearts and minds of the homeless, elderly and shut-ins. 

  •   Pray for our president to look to Jesus in all things. 

  • Cheryl is seeking an affordable Christian lawyer. Pray that God will direct her to a divine appointment.