Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for complete restoration of my marriage and protection spiritual warfare. That my husband would only have a desire for me and that all perversion and desires for his mistress would be crucified.


  • Please pray for my children and wife, she is a diagnosed narcissist. It is keeping her from being able to experience the love of the family and forcing her to see enemies where there are friends. She is threatening divorce so please pray for protection and safety of my kids. Please pray that the personality disorder be removed from her. Please pray that her heart be softened so she can experience the love of Jesus and this family. That her mind be opened to new ways of positive thinking, that she may not fall back into the same patterns of destructive thinking, and that love replaces hate in her heart. Finally, please pray that this marriage may be saved for the sake of the children.


  • Please pray for all those we meet and know who have embraced a lifestyle of sexual sin—of any variety. Ask God to help them see their need for Jesus and desire His salvation.  Give us hearts to be people who are more interested in winning souls than winning arguments.  May our prayers form the basis for a moral revival.  Praise to God.


  • Please bring peace to my life. I don’t know what else to do but drop to my knees and ask for God to help me out of this feeling of chaos in my heart and head.  Thank you.


  • Pray for a young woman struggling with anxiety and feeling like she has no hope for her future. She feels trapped inside a body that isn’t hers anymore.  Pray for her mom and dad who are at a loss as to how to help her. 


  • Hello! I live in a very dark city out of state and your prayers mean so much to me.  I ask that you would pray for a revival in our city and in our nation.  I worry about the future of our country and we need to be in prayer consistently to lift our concerns up in one voice to lay them at the foot of the cross.