Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my wonderful son in law. He is having pretty serious surgery on June 6th. He's been told that recovery will take about 6 months. He's 26 years old and newly married.

  • Please pray for my neurology appointment - that I wouldn’t be afraid, for favor, that he’d give me the referrals I’d like, and that it would be helpful for me.


  • I need prayer for my marriage, my wife who I have let slide away because I have not put her first and given her stability in life, and for myself as a husband to be a leader to my family and wife and please for redemption/resurrection of our marriage.

  • Going on a camping trip off of motorcycles. Pray that we have a great time. That one guys knee heals so we can all enjoy the trip. That I am protected as there is a level of spiritual warfare around me. 

  • Prayer for God‘s guidance on my move. Pray that he leads and guides me and all my decisions that I’m going to be making. Prayer for energy to prepare my house and make all arrangements. Prayer that I remember and turn to God‘s abounding love and that all fear is kept away. Prayer that I embrace and enjoy the loving people here helping me. Thank you for your loving prayers.

  • Please pray for the team that is already so prayerfully and faithfully planning their trip to Oaxaca at the end of July.