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  • Derick continues to covet our prayers. He is waiting for his insurance to approve the 33 radiation treatments he will receive at Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa Oklahoma. He will be gone at least six weeks. The doctors wanted to start treatment on February 12 but they were delayed because he wanted another opinion. Pray this will not have a negative effect on his response to the procedures. He has an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Doctors say it will never go away apart from a miracle of God.  Pray for Derick to have that miracle. 

  • For many months we prayed for Greg who went through a lot of medical issues before going to be with Jesus last April. Then we prayed for both Greg’s brother Steve and his son Caleb who also had medical issues. Now, we are invited to praise God with the family because Steve’s relationship with the Lord grew deep and powerful before he went to be home with Jesus last Saturday. The family is so thankful for our prayers and that they have the confidence that Steve and Greg will never again experience pain or sorrow—only eternal joy. Please join them now in praying for their brother Mike who needs help to deal with Steve’s passing.  God knows what he needs.  Also, Please ask God to comfort and guide Mike in the coming days. Please keep Caleb Greg’s son) in prayer. Please continue to ask God to heal Caleb and to bless and guide and comfort Greg’s wife Sandy and their other sons Jon and Joshua.  The family just wants to praise God and thank him for sharing Greg with them.

  • Please pray that James comes to know God.  He is very resistant when it comes to learning/hearing about Him.  He is acting in his flesh and is making some poor decisions that may cause him some harm.  Please pray for him, his household and for God to open up his eyes and heart.

  • Please pray for Chad, a young man who accepted the Lord while incarcerated but who has become discouraged and disappointed in himself. He has cut all ties with family and other believers and his relatives fear he is living on the streets somewhere. Pray that he would be surrounded by Christians who will love him back to fellowship. He has made some mistakes and feels unworthy of anyone’s love included the love of Christ. 

  • Heidi asks us to pray with her for Jesus to help her with frightening panic attacks. Pray that she will know the peace of God and that He does not give us the Spirit of fear but of power, and love and a sound mind. 2Timothy 1:7. 

  • Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Pray that God will direct the mind and heart of a Christian man who has many health issues and is not listening to his doctors’ advice. Pray that God will show him if he should pursue homeopathic treatment or traditional medicine.