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  • Please pray for an anonymous person who is feeling marginalized and alone. Pray that Christians will respond to him or her in love and compassion and also for practical, biblical help and advice that will encourage and support this individual emotional and spiritually.

  • Pray for Amy to return to her husband and commit to her marriage. Pray against the Spirit of divorce in her life.

  • Pray for the women’s prayer meeting on Monday night to be well attended and to shake the gates of heaven on behalf of our church, community, families and world.

  • Pray for unity among brethren especially those in leadership and ministry. Pray that ego would be defeated and all who know Jesus would pray for humility and the mind of the Lord. Ask that we would not exalt ourselves above one another but would seek God’s help in putting others first.

  • Please pray for Tina a former believer who has converted to Judaism. She has become friends with a Christian woman who leads a Bible study. Pray that her Christian friend will know how to minister truth to her and shepherd her back into the Kingdom of Christ.