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  • Please pray for Lucy who has been lonely and feeling very distant from her husband. Pray that the results from her recent medical tests will show no problems and also that she will grow in her ability to know that no matter what comes her way Jesus is enough. He will meet all her needs.

  • Pray for the lost to come to Jesus. Pray especially that the unsaved and backslidden folks who are dear to the hearts of our church family members would come to know the Lord. Ask that we will all know how to best minister the Gospel to them and all we meet.

  • Please pray for Derick to make the right decision regarding his treatment for Stage IV brain cancer. He is choosing between Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Oklahoma and the San Francisco hospital where he recently had surgery. Pray that he will look to God to guide him. He has to decide by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Also continue to pray for his son who has missed a lot of his senior year because of his father’s health condition. Pray he will be able to get caught up and that the Lord will strengthen and comfort him. Pray for Derick’s mom, too. Pray she will also know the total peace of the Lord.

  • Aaron asks that we please pray for his marriage, family and financed to all be led by the Lord. Pray that God will grant them good health and peace and joy in their relationships.

  • Please pray for Mike. He fell in his home and hurt himself pretty badly. His mobility is affected, and he can’t do the things he normally does to care for himself. Pray for healing, and for God to provide for things to get done while he’s out of commission.

  • Please pray for a single mom who is really struggling. She is out of work with an injury and scheduled for surgery at the end of the month. she’s been out of work for a while, and hasn’t received child support for five months. She is under threat of eviction next month. She isn’t a believer, and we are praying that in this desperate time she will call out to God and come to a saving knowledge of Him.

  • Pray for this weekend’s worship services to reflect Jesus. Pray that everyone who attends will leave knowing more about the Lord and loving Him more than they did before they came.

  • Sarah asks that we please pray for Colleen’s injured rotator cuff to heal. She’s been dealing with it since before Thanksgiving and keeps re-injuring it due to overuse. Pray that God will be glorified in her healing.