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  • Donna has brain cancer. Please pray for her and her family.  Ask that this experience would draw them all into a deep relationship with the Lord.  

  • Seth’s  car is still not functioning.  It is necessary for his work, since he works with individuals with disabilities. He most likely will be able to afford a car by next month, but asks that we pray that he is able to borrow one until then.

  • Pray for Javier who says he is a Christian but has been leading an adulterous life for eight years. Pray that his wife has great wisdom and perseverance during this heartbreaking time. Pray that the adulterous woman he is involved with will come to her senses and abandon the relationship. She also says she is a believer.

  • Pray for the Men’s Wild Game dinner tonight and also the Men’s Breakfast tomorrow. Pray that these events will be more than a time of fun and fellowship. Pray that they will inspire men to grow in their walk with Christ.

  • Berta asks that we please pray for her friend Jack who is fighting pancreatic cancer. She has the assurance of his faith in Jesus but asks that we pray for his comfort and strength because it is so hard to watch him suffer with this horrible disease. She asks that we also pray that if it is the Lord’s will Jack will be completely healed to the glory of God.

  • Please keep praying for the Grant family. Matty is still sick but was not admitted to the hospital because his mom is able to perform all the required procedures for his care at home. Praise God for this because it keeps him from being exposed to even more illness. Please pray that his mom Amber has supernatural strength and that God grants her peace and comfort as she continues to minister the Lord’s love to Matty and so many in the special needs community.