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  • Pray for unity among believers especially those who seek to minister together to reach the lost. 

  • Naomi asks that we please pray for Justin's heart to be broken on the Rock of Jesus Christ and for the worldly chains that momentarily satisfy fall off of him so he can experience true freedom in the Lord.

  • Pray for relationships between husband and wives, boyfriend and girlfriends, and engaged couples to truly seek the Lord together.

  • Yvonne asks us to pray for “our  pro-life pregnancy center friends in California who are currently required by law to refer for abortions. This case is being fought by the National Institute of Family and Life Associates (NIFLA) and will go before the Supreme Court as an appeal on March 20th.  Prayer vigils are being held throughout the nation for this very important case. The outcome of the case could have an effect on pro-life centers throughout the nation. Please pray for all involved.”

  • Please pray that Rose will see God’s goodness even though her life is very hard and it seems as if the Lord is too far away and doesn’t care. She has been praying for a hurtful situation for eight years and is growing weary.  Pray that she will see that God is good despite the sinful actions of people. Ask that God will comfort her.

  • Please pray that Adele will give her heart to Jesus and be healed of all the things that keep her from peace and joy.

  • Please pray for Matty Grant. He had pneumonia around Christmas and he caught a cold/flu. Now his mom is concerned. He's had congestion,  a fever, and a very high heart rate. He went to the ER and they discovered he was dehydrated.  Please pray that his body is strong and that he doesn't miss much school; it's the highlight of his day!