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  • An anonymous person asks for prayer that medical results will come back OK.  Also that an infection will go away.

  • Please pray for complete healing for Kris who has autism. 

  • Wendy asks that we pray for her grandson Hudson who was born last Thursday, February 1. He’s been in the NICU because he has fluid in his lungs. He is on an IV for hydration. The family is trusting God to strengthen Hudson and to clear his lungs. Please pray that the fluid is gone quickly and that he’ll soon be home with his family all to God’s glory.

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray for an adult daughter who is lost in sin and neglecting her son. Please pray that God will change her heart.  She is a believer, but has turned away because she feels so ashamed.

  • An anonymous family writes that “Our 10-year-old lab was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pray for favor for raising the $1,500 for surgery to save her life.  Pray for the spirit of darkness to leave.”