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  • PRAISE REPORT: Thursday evening we received an urgent prayer request for three-year-old Ryan who was rushed to the hospital with a severe seizure. He was diagnosed with influenza A. The seizure was fever-related. He is doing much better and is at home resting. Doctors anticipate a full recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Pray for believers’ finances and  that their bills will be paid on time. Ask that more Idaho employers will give pay raises because the cost of living has gone up.

  • Pray for Derick who is in Oklahoma awaiting treatment. Pray that he finds just the right doctor and he will be able to rest in God’s perfect will. Pray that the Lord will comfort his mom who is in Idaho and very concerned for her son.

  • Lynn asks that we pray for her two adult sons. One is going through a very painful, unexpected divorce after his wife left him for another man. He is a father of two boys and is very depressed. His brother lost a job that he loved and his long-time girlfriend within the same week. He too is in a tremendous amount of pain. Lynn and her husband are worried about their sons. Pray that God gives them wisdom to know what to say and do to minister to them through this very rough time.

  • Please pray for Brooke, a 37-year-old single mom of two young children,(a boy, 9 and a girl, 7) who was diagnosed with Stave IV colon cancer last May. She has completed one round of chemotherapy. It helped defeat the metastasized liver tumors, but failed to control tumors that progressed to her lungs.  She just started a new chemotherapy last week and has been struggling so much more with the side effects of this new treatment. Pray that God will keep her strong and that she survives this horrible trial. Ask God for a miraculous healing and that this chemo will be effective and act quickly, so she doesn’t have to endure too many session. Pray she will beat statistics and heal and continue to be here for a great while longer. Pray that her children and family will be strengthened by the Lord and that her caregivers and helpers won't tire of her seeming to always feel ill. Pray that they have the energy and heart to continue to help me. Ask that God be glorified in her miraculous healing.

  • Pray for our home groups, rescue missions, senior living places to all be the environments where revival fires are ignited that then carry into workplaces, and neighborhoods.