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  • Raymond asks that we pray for his son Marcus who has been ill and fears that he’s dying. Pray that he is completely healed and gives glory to God. 

  • Please pray for Michelle who is still having sleep issues. Pray that doctors will be able to help her and that the Lord will give them wisdom and give her sweet sleep. 

  •  I drive a lot for work and my transmission gave out.  I need a car to borrow until I can save up enough to get a new one.  Finances have been really tight.  Prayer is so needed both for the loaner car and a new one.

  • Please pray for Bill who lost his wife last week to a massive stroke.  He is heartbroken and in need of prayer. Please pray that he will sense God’s comfort and love at this time.

  • I am the sole provider for my family.  I lost my job last Sunday.  I need hope, prayer and help. 

  • Please pray for a young, single mom who was recently served with papers by her baby’s father. He wants joint custody and child support from her. Please pray that they will both turn to the Lord and allow Jesus to transform their lives for their own good, the good of their child and God’s glory.