• An anonymous person asks us to “pray for my daughters.  They are going in the wrong direction in life.  Pray they find the Lord, let go of the evil/drug life they are living. Pray they will be good parents and good role models for their children. Pray they get help with their legal troubles and find a place to live. Pray that they hear and heed the Lord and come back to Him and us.  Also ask God to help them with their legal trouble. 

  • Emily asks that we pray for her three grown sons Rob, Matt and Michael.  All think they’re doing fine because they have good jobs, happy marriages and healthy children, so they are very apathetic towards the Lord. Pray that they will see their need for the Lord and be committed to becoming godly husbands and fathers.

  • Pray for a young woman who is pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles. Ask that she will be strengthened by God and see herself as He sees her. Pray that she will not forget His supreme call upon her life and that if success comes, it will not affect her relationship with the Lord.

  • Carla asks that we continue to pray for the marriage of her friends Keith and Lynn. Pray that the Lord would soften Keith’s heart and that he would come back to the Lord.

  • Please keep praying for Derick. He is still in San Francisco and his mom is back in Idaho. He has been discharged from the hospital following an eight-hour brain surgery but still has follow up appointments, so he is staying in a hotel.  His mom asks that we pray that he will get enough rest to facilitate his recovery. Pray too that the Lord gives her comfort and expands her faith.

  • Please pray for Michelle. Her family has been through a lot recently. They recently moved. Her daughter had a baby. Her father had a heart attack and his prognosis is poor. Her daughter is suffering with infected stitches from her C-section and they are all very weary. Pray that the Lord will provide supernatural strength, wisdom and comfort.