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  •  Please pray for our pastors—Tucker, Trevor, Parker, Reggie, Rhett, Julio, Noah, Martin, and Mark. Christians are all in a spiritual battlefield. Pray for our pastors’ protection, wisdom and inspired leadership. Please also pray for all pastors everywhere to stay strong in the Spirit as they bring the Good News to the lost.

  • Please pray for Michael who has been in a horrible situation for a very long time and is getting weary.  He is still trusting God for freedom and asks that we please pray for protection for him and his family. 

  • Please pray for Chris Smith’s Aunt Cindy who is still in the hospital with lung problems. Pray that doctors will be able to treat her in a way that avoids surgery.  

  • Please pray for Lizelle to know the comfort and strength of the Lord.  In less than a year she has lost her father, baby, uncle and mother. Her pain is compounded by the fact that she is attending nursing school in Boise while her siblings are in California. Pray that she is able to push through the pain, with the help of Jesus, and continue to do well in school. Pray that she will make deeper connections with her church family in Boise. Pray too that she will also know what God wants her to do for His Kingdom. She also has a large lump in her neck and is waiting for results of an MRI. Pray that it is not cancerous.  

  • Please pray for Jessica, a newlywed whose husband has changed dramatically after just five months of marriage. He is making horrible life choices involving drugs and says he’s had a “spiritual awakening.”  He now wants a divorce and she is heartbroken. Please pray for the Lord to comfort her.  Ask that her husband will come to his senses and return to Jesus and his wife.

  • Shelley Krueger passed away Monday night. Please pray for the Lord to comfort her husband, her kids, their spouses, and her grandkids.