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  • Praise Report! Last week we prayed for Jenn. Now we can praise God for guiding the surgeon during her double mastectomy. They were able to get all the cancer and have clean margins. Please continue to pray for Jenn's recuperation, blood sugar stability as she has diabetes, and encouragement for Jenn and her family as she heals and faces reconstructive surgery.

  •  Praise God! Derick came through the eight-hour surgery to remove the brain tumor.  Doctors were able to remove 70% of the mass and found that most of it is a Grade 1 or 2 cancer. He is expected to be out of ICU in a day or two. He has a long road to full recovery. Please continue to pray.

  • Please pray for Colleen’s cousin Sally in Minnesota who has thyroid cancer and will have surgery next Monday. Pray that she is well enough for the procedure and that it will be a complete success. Ask that she will draw closer to Jesus, who she knows as savior, and find her way back to fellowship with other believers.

  • Praise God. Last week we prayed for Steve who had the flu and pneumonia. He is much better and back at home. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Scott asks that we pray for his bills to get paid according to Father God’s will. Pray that he will see many blessings for work. 

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray he gets a wife that will be a blessing to his kids Ryan and Tony. Pray for them to grow in their walk with Jesus.   

  • An anonymous person asks that we “Pray for my family, God knows everything that is going on. My surgery has broken me, and my home and robbed us of our happiness. Pray that God works in all of it and helps us along the way.”