Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my friend and brother in Christ Keith.  He's being kept in the hospital overnight to monitor his heart. He has FIB.  Please pray he stays strong and his body heals.

  • Praying for God to break the chains of fear and give me the strength to fight the good fight even when I feel weak. I am so anxious all the time especially when it comes to standing my ground.  I can’t do it without Him!!

  • Pray for a friend about to start PT for her knee. Thank God no surgery is needed!! 

  • Pray for Nadine who is in the hospital, but feeling better because they seem to have things under control. Pray for a swift recovery so she can head home.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Pray for Julia. She started attending church three week ago and  last Sunday she took with her two of her four sons. Pray for her husband Fernando because he has some drinking problems.

    • Pray for Salvador. He attended the Sunday service last week and told me that he will be back next Sunday.

    • Pray for Miriam and her kids. They attend church once or twice a month. 

    • Pray for Alex and Mireya's sons to get closer to the Lord.

    • Keep praying for Fermín and his family. He started attending church about two months ago every Sunday. He can't attend on Thursdays because of his job.

    • Pray for Javier and his wife Maribel. They are not attending church very often like they used to do it. 

    • Pray for Elza and her two sons. Her two sons are not attending church and are not saved either.

    • Pray for Pedro. He is waiting for a phone call from a lawyer to go to Canada and start working there under contract.

    • Pray for Francis. She is going to start helping the teaching for kids at church.

    • Pray for Amparo and her grand kids. One of them (Victoria is her name) needs special care and it is hard sometimes for the teachers at church to keep her in the classroom.

    • Pray for more servants to help out in church as a teachers, with the cleaning, and with the food ministry.