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Prayer Requests 

  • Please continue to pray for the young man who has a cancerous brain tumor. He needs to make a decision soon regarding the authorization of an innovative surgical procedure that could extend his life expectancy beyond the one-to-five years Boise doctors give him. In addition to requiring that he travel to San Francisco, this procedure also poses some life-altering possibilities including paralysis. Pray that he will make the right decision and that he will find healing in the Lord. Pray that he will continue to trust Jesus and that his faith will remain strong. 


  • Yesterday we prayed for Jerry, the father of a three-year-old daughter, who lost his wife to cancer the day after Christmas.  Praise God his heart is very soft toward the Lord in the midst of this sad time. In explaining his wife’s death to their daughter he shared that they will now be praying every night. He has also given his nanny, a born-again believer, permission to pray with the little girl at naptime. Pray that his faith continues to grow and that Jesus is the comfort and strength of both father and daughter.

  • Theresa asks that we pray for her daughter Natalya.

  • Please pray for Luke, a young father whose wife has decided to end their marriage. Pray that he will continue to look to Jesus to meet every need. Pray for his strength and comfort.

  • Pray for traveling mercies for many people this holiday season.

  • Pray for Lisa’s scan results to be good.