Daily Prayer Requests


  • Please pray for a very dear friend who is having surgery this morning to remove her gallbladder. She is in much pain so pray that she will be relieved of the prayer.  Pray that the surgical team will have protection around them.  Please pray for her daughter who has been there with her for the past few days and is worried and tired too. 


  • Please pray for my family, and my new job. I ask the Lord’s guidance in finding a new home.


  • I have been having an irregular heartbeat, please pray for my healing. Thank you.


  • Please pray for my family's health and safety. There have been quite a few health/life problems recently throughout many people in my close family. We are trusting in God's plan and will for our lives. More prayers are always helpful. Thank you.


  • Please pray for Linda and the many forces against her. Pray the Lord would strengthen her and would prevail in her life!


  • Prayer for Jacob T in Boise. Very discouraged. Very down.  Feels betrayed and no hope...much uplifting prayer needs a good job + new friends + new church for Jacob


  • The young lady in the Salt Lake hospital burn unit is having elevated white blood cell counts. They think she may be developing pneumonia so they are going to test to verify and start treating in the meantime.  They are also going to do other tests to try and rule everything else out.  Please keep praying.  Thank you.