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Never do we need so much to pray as when we are least inclined to do so.  When we do not feel like praying we should pray till we do.  Read a book on answers to prayer if you need help reawakening the  spirit of prayer. Or consider all the prayers God answered in Biblical times. He is the same God today.  As we consider the wonders God has wrought in answer to prayer we too will be moved to pray.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Janet. She has decided to recommit her life to Christ and knows that she cannot do it on her own. Pray that she will allow the Holy Spirit to guide her and to give her strength to overcome the temptation to sin. She wants a fruitful life. She wants the to know the peace of the Lord as she has in the past.

  • Please pray for Lisa. She had an interview this week. Pray that she will get the job that the Lord has for her. Pray that God meets her needs and gives her peace in the meantime.

  • Please pray for Jonathan's uncle Mike who just had his second stroke in six weeks.  He is in the ICU and has a blood clot next to the stint they placed in his carotid artery that they are unable to operate on.  His speech is garbled and he has lost some mobility on his left side.  Please pray for healing, it would also be so great to see him released from the hospital in time to be at home with his wife for Christmas.

The following are anonymous requests: 

  • Pray for rescue mission ministries throughout the valley to be effective in reaching people for Jesus, especially during the Christmas season. 

  • Please pray for all the people suffering from sexual issues.

  • Please pray that my adult sons wo uld “ask, seek and knock” until they find the truth of Jesus and accept His free gift of salvation.

  • Please pray that this weekend’s Christmas services would minister mightily to all who attend. Pray that people will be touched by the Holy Spirit, that chains of bondage would be broken and that everyone will have more of Jesus when they leave than they did before they came.