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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Keep praying for Judah Brown. Many of you are following the family on Facebook and may already be praying in light of recent developments. Keep it up! For the rest of you, Marlon’s latest Facebook post addressed the results of today’s surgery. Here it is:

“Praise the Lord, our boy is out of surgery! The operation was more complicated then expected. They removed the appendix, but they also had to clear an obstruction, and remove a portion of his small intestine. This little guy has been through a lot! And recovery is going to take some time. He will be in the hospital at least another week. Pray for his intestines to begin to work properly over the next few days, and for the antibiotics to completely eliminate the infection. We are so thankful to hold our boy right now.” Continue to pray for Judah’s total recovery. Pray too for his mom Becca who continues to struggle with chronic nerve pain resulting from a hit-and-run car accident several years ago. And pray for the rest of the kids who miss their mom and are worried about their brother. Ask that our faithful friend Jesus will be glorified in every aspect of this situation.





  • Amanda asks that we pray for her husband Ken's upcoming job interviews. Pray that he is able to get a job soon.



  • Wendy asks that we pray for her sister, Debby who lives in Canada, and is in the ICU with severe pneumonia.  She is on a breathing machine.  Please pray for God's healing and His presence to give her peace Pray that God will work in both Debby and her partner's lives.  Debby is 62 years old and has recently shown an interest in Christ so pray she has given her heart to Him and that this will help her grow in the knowledge of Jesus.  



  • Pray that Delia finds the Lord and also her way in life. Pray she gets the help she needs so she can give her life to God and allow Him to lead and guide her.  May she find a home and get her family back together. I pray God will help her leave the life of drugs and alcohol behind and provide her children with the life they deserve.



  • Please pray for a man who will have surgery to remove brain tumors next week.



  • Pray for Rod to have a definite direction for his work that has different options. Pray that our hearts heal.   God has given us a new direction for us to stay at His feet. 


  • The following is an anonymous request: Pray for me as I go in for an ultrasound as a follow-up to a mammogram.  Scan-xiety time for me again. Pray that I can leave all my fears with the Lord.