Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for healing for my 10yo Evie who fractured her leg, healing and rest, wisdom for the medical people who care for her, and that she won't need surgery. Praise God for her strength and his refuge.
  • Pray for a 17 year old girl with mental health issues. She is undergoing treatment. 

    Please pray for her mom and older sister who worry about her as well as their own emotional and mental health.  Please pray for God's hand to rest upon them all so they know His goodness, love and mercy.   

  • For my nephew and his wife going through a difficult pregnancy. 

  • Please pray for our marriage. Pray for my wife to change her mind and not divorce me.

  • Please pray for the eyesight and eye health of a dear woman in our church family. Pray for restoration of sight in her eyes, and for the restoration of the love of Jesus in the heart of her husband.  Pray this daily.  Thank you.

  • Please pray fervently for a 17 year old girl who was just diagnosed with cervical spine cancer.  They found several tumors from an MRI and it is aggressive.  They are starting treatment right away.  Pray for her family as well.
  • Please pray for our missionaries to Semilla de Mostaza Santa Monica Mexico, Raechael and Patricio Garduno who send the following updates and requests:

    • There are lots of plans for the church! We are planning to return to in person Wednesday services. We’ve only had online services since the pandemic, but our pastor is being led to continue in January. Pato will be leading the service in Santa Monica and probably one of the other assistant pastors will be leading in Baz. Pray for the Holy Spirit to God us in all we do!

    • Pray for the leadership of each of the churches. As our church is multiplying, new people are being raised up by His to take on leadership roles. Pray God would have His way in each of them and would mold His church to be confirmed to His image.

    • Our pastors will be going to an annual pastors’ conference in Philadelphia in April, please pray this would be a huge blessing for all who attend!

    • Pray for the Billy Graham event that will be held in February!

    • For families in the church, we have had many couples coming to us because of issues in their marriage. Pray God would heal and protect those that are suffering right now. Pray specifically for Saul and Ale, Irving and Johanna

    • Keep praying for the church plant we've been supporting. Thank God, they were able to get another van!

    • Please keep praying for Katy, Isabel and Samuel. We have been in constant contact with them and there is an opportunity for a neurosurgery that could help Isabel drastically, but it costs upwards of $30,000 and the family is already in debt from all the treatments she requires. We’re praying for a miracle because as of a month ago the doctors did not give her any hope of a better life than with the lobotomy, but now with new tests they were able to run they see a good chance this would help her.