Daily Prayer Requests

  • Friend back at home has kidney failure and received a transplant last week! His dad is the donor so prayers that all goes well!! As well as peace for his mom!! He believes God gave him kidney failure and blames him for all the bad things going on in his life so I also pray he comes to experience and know Jesus!!

  • Please pray for Loretta, who recently had hand surgery. The healing doesn't look like it's going well and she's in pain. Praise God for the surgeon's abilities to help her hand have better mobility when this is all done, and now we request for the healing of God's Omnipotent Physican hand on Loretta's hand for proper healing and to give her His Peace knowing this is all in His abiding care. Amen!

  • My niece thinks she believes in Jesus, but her fruit is bad. She yells at her mom all the time and has such hate for her. She uses the Bible against my sister all the time thinking she can cast out demons on her own. She is listening to many false teachers right now. Please pray that she knows the real Jesus and that she stops attacking her mom. She is an adult. My sister is a believer and overwhelmed because the whole situation is confusing.

  • Anxiety and panic attacks have been a portion of my life for since I was 6 years old, so 34 years. Last night, I had the worst wake-up call about how much I struggle with that disease, so much that I called the paramedics at midnight because I thought I might be having a stroke. For the first time while trying to fall asleep, the entire left side of my body tingled including my tongue. I panicked so hard that I was at such a loss. I'm fortunate for have an amazing family and friend (and a loving cat ) support team to help keep me calm and feeling loved, but only the Lord knows the core of what I'm going through; even I don't fully understand.

  • Please, please pray for me. My heart is absolutely broken by my infertility. For ten years my husband and I have been trying to have a child. We also have a failed adoption attempt. I have prayed with pastors, friends, family. I plead with God to let me be at peace with not having children or to provide. I am so deeply grieved and out of options. I feel so deeply hopeless.

  • Urgent - This is from a friend in Alaska - Hi Everyone, I got a call from my boss’ wife saying he is in the hospital due to massive bleeding on the brain, and had an aneurysm. Please please pray for him. His name is Jaman. We need a miracle.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Thank you sooo much for praying for my mom.  The doctor said her surgery was successful and she was home the same day.  She is still experiencing nerve pain, but it is MUCH better!  Please continue to pray for her recovery and for her nerves to heal.

    • Please also pray for Sanda, the sister of one of the ladies in our church (Adina).  She has cancer and is having a difficult time with the chemotherapy.  The sisters’ mom passed away last year and now Sanda is fighting cancer, so it’s been a really hard time for them both.

    • Please pray for the possible team from Calvary Boise coming this summer to help with our English Camp.