Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my son to be filled with the Holy Spirit and for him to come to church with me someday.

  • Pray for our leaders, pastors and staff to humbly serve others. 

  • Pray for our world that is hurting. Pray for Ukraine and Israel.

  • Pray for our enemies that God will divinely intervene.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Chris and Faith Anderson who sent the following updates and requests:
    • Pray for wisdom for the youth group. We now have several college and career age students so thinking about starting two different groups. A youth group and college and career group separated. We just need prayer because many of the younger ones won’t come to group unless one of the older ones are there that they follow. So prayer for wisdom on what to do and the Lord to keep bringing the younger ones if we decide to split them. The maturity levels are just so different so would like to be able to reach them on their level.  

    • Chris and I are taking three nights away. We will leave Sunday morning. We did not get to celebrate our 20th or our 21st wedding anniversary so we are taking three nights away before Chloe leaves home. Pray for Chloe and all the boys here without us and for us to have safe travels.