Daily Prayer Requests

  • I would like to receive God’s guidance on what to do regarding my job and source of income and to better understand his will for my life and the life of my family.

  • Prayer for my 85 year old mom who fell and is in Elk's Rehab.  Prayer for recovery and to be able to go home at some point.  

  • Prayer for our dog, Remy. She had a skin cancer removed.  Prayer for healing and for this to not come back in any way.

  • Please pray for me and the current situation in my apartment with my downstairs neighbor. They are blasting their stereo and sound surround and it is causing me lack of sleep and tension in my body and for my cat.  Please pray for resolve to this situation that will not result in me having to go into debt in order to move.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • Ann has been in a lot of pain the last couple of days due to a muscle seizure in her back. Please pray that the muscle will relax and that she will be able to get back in motion.
    • One of the three churches that are linked to “Haus Nazareth”, the “Johannesgemeinde” is in the midst of remodeling the former kindergarten in the back of the Haus. We have agreed with them to rent the building to them for 30 years. (We get along well! ;-) But there are some details of the rental agreement that still need to be worked out. The “Philosophia Europa” board and the church board will be meeting this evening (Wednesday) together with a lawyer to try to put the finishing touches on the contract. Please pray that God will give unity and clarity to us all - and that we will not overlook any key issues.
    • Another church that is partnering with us in Haus Nazareth, the “International Baptist Church-Berlin” is facing some major decisions about the church building (of a German church) they have been renting for over 20 years to meet in. The rent has been raised by 46% and they are wrestling with some major decisions about whether to try to find someplace else to meet. (The building of the “Johannesgemeinde” at Haus Nazareth would be too small for them.)
    • We’re meeting with each of the students in the Haus personally - to try to get a track on where they are in their spiritual lives and, in some cases - folk that have moved in more recently - get to know them more personally. Some of the students who have been here for several years are finishing up their studies and will be moving on in the next 6 months or so. These “alumni” are a major focus of the work we do with the students: past “graduates” of Haus Nazareth have taken positions of responsibility in mission works and churches, both full-time and as lay leaders. Some have carried on the vision of “Mission through Community” that is at the heart of our calling: in the huge, multi-cultural cities of the world, many people know virtually nothing about the Christian faith. They have never read the Bible or heard Sunday School stories. The place where “Church” becomes relevant to them is when they meet a Christian to whom they can relate and then experience the Body of Christ first-hand.